Mopedfit – an E-Learning-Project by Know How! AG.

Together with Daniel Kaspar from the Austrian Youth Red Cross, Johannes Schneider is conducting a workshop on this Comenius Award-winning project: FIT FÜRS MOPED – AN INTERACTIVE FIRST AID COURSE. On 30.1.2018 from 2 to 5 pm, school @ Learntec

The moped is very tempting for teenagers, a first aid course is not mandatory (!). The Red Cross has set itself the goal of offering first aid courses together with schools. With a convergent approach, we want to address young people at different levels in order to get the “school” out of the topic together with the school and transfer it to a personal level. Interactive learning units complement the classroom instruction and ensure lasting learning success. A story that could happen to you as well is a hitchhiker who runs through the “education”. Technically implemented with CPL (“Creative Production Line”), a TYPO3-based learning solution that is optimally suited for open learning. Lightning fast content updates and a fancy frontend, which comes across well on all devices. In the session, we discuss target-group-specific approaches to teaching non-curricular health topics, and there is also the opportunity to try the CPL solution from a teacher’s perspective. And what is the life-size doll doing ??? She will not faint?