High time for E-Learning

High time for E-Learning!

What can we do for you?

Digital Learning Content ...

Content that works. Content that is beautiful. Content that can be easily changed. Content that keeps abreast of the digitization of your business. So, take us and our experience in learning with you as you journey into the future.

... Combining speed!

We introduce Rapid Prototyping into the world of digital learning. If you appreciate swift implementation, if you prefer „to have a look at it“ at an early stage, MacSchneider is your partner of choice. It’s instructional design at its best.

With amore ...

Learners are curious, vulnerable, naive, defiant, making you pull your hair out at times – and sweet in a way. You just can’t help loving them! And that’s what we do! In fact, we have been doing so since 2001: Our heart beats for learner!

And getting it right this time!

There is something awkward about many eLearning concepts with their nineties patina (except that they lack the latter’s retro charm). Now, if you have content which apart from looking good is supposed to lend itself to rapid maintenance, maybe we should talk.

Christoph Reissner, Key Account Manager at ANECON

“they succeed in conveying complex content easily, especially in the field of e-learning…”  

Danny Seiger

Denny N. Seiger, B2B-Marketing Expert

“… as an expert in digital further education, project development […] and implementation recognized…”  

Martin Baumgartner, FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft

“His creative and courageous idea was promoted right from the start […]”  

Mag. Dr. Sabine Zauchner-Studnicka, MSc, Center for Gender and Diversity

“I have a long-standing partnership with the team in several international projects…”  


That changes are more a rule than an exception is one of the most important insights at the beginning of this millennium.

A permanent change request is an opportunity, a competitive condition and a challenge. We believe that with our skills and many years of experience in many educational projects, we can make a valuable contribution when it comes to supporting modern companies with the appropriate learning methods. We do this undogmatically and humbly. After all, what the industry has just achieved leaves us learning providers astonished. And this is how we learn from you customers.

We provide excellent results in the areas of web-based training, social learning, mobile learning, interactive video, 3D game development, gamification and much more. From the Learning Eco System to Microlearning we put together smart solutions so that your users can also marvel at your learning offer.


That changes are more a rule than an exception is one of the most important insights at the beginning of this millennium.

Your travel companions

Johannes Schneider

Thinks up the most amazing things to the benefit of users.

Johannes "Mac" Schneider
Change Manager

Denkt in Bildern und macht angeblich absichtlich Rechtschreibfehler in seine Designs rein.

Dipl. Designer Mag. Ivo Monnerjahn
Art Director, User Experience Designer

Internationale Projekte, Trainingsentwicklung und Konzeption.

Dr. Luis Gaya-Pique
International Projects

Hochschuldidaktik, MA- und Kundenbefragung, Soft Skills, Qualitätsmanagement

Prof. Dr. Diplom-Kauffrau Susanne Steimer
Beratung, Konzeption und Evaluation Ihrer Trainingsprojekte

Hat nicht nur Literaturwissenschaft studiert, sondern kann das auch.

Mag.a Janina Jonas
Texterin, Bloggerin, Surferin

Bringt Ihre Personalentwicklung ins VR-Zeitalter. Achtung! Höchst immersiv!

Mag. Thomas Dorner
FK-Coach und VR-Spezialist

Content Management Systeme – TYPO3, WordPress

Mag. Georg Demcisin
Developing & Coding

Designed Sheets und Templates mit Style, in time, sauber und ready to use.

Wolfgang Loibl
Webdesign, Templateentwicklung, CCS

What does it take to make a good film? First, a good storyboard; second, a good storyboard; and third, a good storyboard!

And you too!
Concept & visual ideas

You’re already bored with those old authoring tools? So are we! If you are conversant with modern technology, and take an interest in learning, join us!

We want you!
Programming done the proper way!

Writes the lines no user will ever see.

Matthias Löschenkohl

Film production, camera, cut, speaker, script, allroundgenius when it comes to video.

Dr. Philip Moran
Video Manager

Visualizes the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, and puts pictures into motion.

Victoria Segovia
Multimedia Artist

An agile and reliable calm anchor in a rapidly changing world.

"Sir" Denny Seiger
Dr. Christoph Berdenich

Entrepreneur and IT-Specialist with focus on medicine – and didactics.

Dr. Christoph Berdenich
IT & Medical Consulting

Magician of communication is connecting worlds.

Dr. Rita Carvalho
Intercultural Consulting

Always kind and friendly, she leads the team to achieve the desired goal.

Nataša Vizin
Project Manager


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